7 Day Fruit and Juicing Retreat

February 19th to the 26th
Kauai – HI 2020

The fruit and juicing retreat is for the ones that would like to move forward towards the life giving nourishment habit which becomes staple for the spiritual advancement.
Eating primarily fruits for a period of time has several benefits for the spiritual practitioner. Besides the detoxing of the body and the replenishment of enzymes and life force, the fruitarian diet delivers in a short time a mental clarity and lightness of heart that sets the stage for receiving deep realizations and epiphanies.
This realizations and epiphanies build the transformational momentum of our awakening and allows us to move forward in a good constant pace.

Only locally sourced and organically grown produce
Having produce that has being cultivated in this particular way has a particular effect in our awareness, enhances our connection with the land which grounds us and opens us to receive the healing and nourishing aspects of the food.
During this retreat we’ll serve mostly fruits with the option of salads with raw vegetables occasionally.

Retreat Summary
  • Retreat starts on February 19th at 8am and breakfast will be served at 9am.
  • Throughout the retreat we’ll give discourses on fruitarianism, it’s relation to the awakening process and other related topics.
  • Introductory discourses on Agroforestry and the importance of growing our own food.
  • We’ll gather 3 times a day for a group meditation session.
  • Optional daily Light Yin Asana practice will be offered to aid the process.
  • Weather and conditions permitting we’ll also offer optional light hikes in Nature that also aid the process.
  • In the morning of the 26th we’ll break the fast with transitional foods.
  • Retreat ends on July 26th at 4pm, dinner will still be offered that evening for the ones that would like to join.

This retreat requires patience, calmness and tranquility to really take advantage and receive the benefits of this week long process. Some experience occasional tiredness and some experience occasional bursts of energy. Regardless the feeling this is a calm and quiet retreat where we promote introspection and we’ll give you lots of personal quiet time. Unnecessary conversations and chatting with friends and the group will be discouraged outside meal and discourse times.
No phones, computers, books or anything that contains input to the mind will be allowed; only a blank notebook will be accepted for the ones that would like to take notes during discourses.

If you have any health conditions please let us know before registering and we’ll consider your attendance carefully.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Many Blessings!

After registration we’ll send you an email with the guidelines on how to prepare for the retreat.