About us

We’re a family residing in the Garden Island of Kauai and Self Illumination is the result of a long period of study and practice dedicated to the understanding of the awakening process, it’s relationship to our health, well-being, the environment and the reality that we live in. The family setting has provided us with a blanket of love that holds us together, makes us strong and promotes the continuation of our advancement in our spiritual path and service.

In our view, every individual has to have their own realizations, so we do not seek to influence thought or opinion, we simply want to spark the awakening of the inherent intelligence and self awareness.

Our background is of universal character, sourcing from the wisdom of the pre-Inca Alto Mesioq, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Christianity and more. We see the light of truth as one source that has percolated in time through different cultures creating many traditions, schools of thought and religions that molded itself to the people’s needs at their time. Currently our path have taken us to show up, sit in front of the Spirits of the Cosmology, surrender, humble and look inside through the mirror of pristine Nature.

We hope that the material within this site can be useful to you in many ways and fulfills it’s task in your path.

With wide open arms and heart we send
blessings from our family to you…


About Self Illumination

Awakening our True Nature



The direct experience of Nature allows us to remember our origins and True Self. When we refer to Nature, is more than flowers, trees, rivers, mountains and such; but everything in the Divine Creation, including our Self. The contact with Pristine Creation and it’s essence sparks the light of our awareness that allows us to to become conscious of the reflection of our True Nature.


We respects, acknowledge and appreciates all spiritual paths and practitioners. Within the time and space that we live in, we see everything as being good and a simple reflection of our consciousness and awareness. All the content of Self Illumination is given from the position of a spiritual friendship, we do not promote hierarchy within it, neither that is our position towards anyone as we abide by equality and equanimity. Our intention is to humbly share what some may find interesting and to develop good connections based on spiritual ethics and appreciation with everyone.


Primarily, there are two basic ways  to see our True Nature. One is the reconnection and exposure to pristine energies that have the capability to awaken our consciousness. The other is the purification process where we regain clear perception. This two work together, simultaneously, hand by hand as a team that walks us on our path to reawakening and remembering. Some of this pristine energies can be found in untouched nature while others can be reached in other ways.