Entering in the space of conscious communion with the Divine


Prayer is perhaps the single most beautiful and powerful tool that someone has and should learn how to use it properly. The joy, love and clarity that brings into our hearts and minds when we engage in conscious connection with the Divinity and share our gratitude and feelings for our past and current experiences. The Supreme Intelligence, home and wholeness, within ourselves and all around us, can be engaged and experienced.

People often say they pray and engaging into a good prayer is important. All the components of it are necessary and need to be clear. Intention, message, feelings in the heart, clear thought in the mind, destinatary and path for the message to travel.

Prayer is not complaining, nagging or asking for a bunch of stuff!!! Even though asking is fine, it is not the main purpose of a prayer.

Let’s move away from a lack mentality before praying. What we need we already have, let’s make good use of it and open the eyes to see what’s being presented in our life. So it’s best to focus on gratitude instead. Complaining that something is wrong in our lives means that we are either feeling not responsible for the outcome of our actions, or that we don’t trust that we are getting presented exactly with a perfect situation to learn from. So it’s best on focusing on being grateful for the clarity of understanding situations instead. When things in life are not happening the way we want them to be, move away from control, personal agenda and selfish wishes before praying. So it’s best to focus on surrendering to the divine plan instead and being at the service of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.

But the most important aspect of prayer is not the out coming thought, what we’re asking for or expressing ourselves, but the incoming aspect of what we receive. Prayers are powerful because when we focus our minds in the light, we infuse ourselves with it. Prayer is the open channel for the divine light to flow to us and can put us in a receiving mode to accept it. The more we anchor our thought in the light the more it comes to our minds and hearts. The longer we sustain it, it starts filling us up from within and expels anything and everything that is not in the same vibration. Ever brighter, ever stronger the light fills in our whole being.

Of what we think, we become and people that engage in prayer and fill themselves with light are like walking Suns radiating in every direction, all the time, every where they go.

Blessed is the one that learns the art of prayer.

Let’s not just repeat mindlessly like a parrot a phrase that someone told us, but instead develop a relationship with the Divine. Prayers are not just words to be repeated robotically over and over in our heads until brainwashed, but let’s use our hearts and feelings to be in present communion. Using the heart and being in communion makes our connection real, in the present moment, with a real and present being.

The main difference between an illusion and what’s real is that one just seems to be the other, but it’s only an appearance. How to distinguish a real prayer? The prayer that lacks of connection and is just a mind chatter is like an illusion and just appears to be a prayer. But it was just a bunch of words passing through the mind without care. The real prayer has real connection with something real. The same way that we can just have illusory conversations with people within our heads, we can have illusory prayers that just happened in our heads but were never real.
Prayer is like being in love, we know when is real and we feel it with our whole body. Full heartedly, our whole being gets taken over in complete surrender, light and enthusiasm. Love is magical, so it is to pray.

Sometimes we are still clouded somewhere along our long path of Self Illumination and our prayers need to be harmonized ,rectified, corrected and aligned. That is because our mind is still foggy and our hearts not clear. But is nothing to be worried about, we can ask in our prayers for them to be made good from the higher perspective so they can be received in a good way. As our mental capacity improves, we can ask the Divine for help until we get sharp. It’s a beautiful learning process.

May the prayers of all sages and self realized beings be heard loud and come to be, so we as well may pray.