Water Fasting


A practice for reawakening to our True Self

Chapters 1 to 5

During all the years of quests and adventures I’ve come across countless healing modalities and spiritual practices, ancient and new. Humanity seems to always be searching for the panacea, that which will cure all disease and suffering of body and mind.

Among all, one practice stands alone and solemn and experiencing it is matchless.

Water Fasting has it all, healing, realizations, awakenings and delivers glimpses and experiences of our pristine origins and True Nature.

It benefits us today as much as it has benefited people thousands of years ago and it will continue to do so.

I humbly express my gratitude to the ones that introduced me to this practice and to all the sages that have kept this practice alive for millennia.



  1. Introduction
  2. A water fasting renascence
  3. The spark of life from the Divine Mother
  4. The codes and messages from the Divine Father
  5. What’s water fasting?
  6. Common reasons to not fast for
  7. Juice fasting as a preparation to water fasting
  8. Why water fasting
  9. Why water fasting is a spiritual practice
  10. There’s nothing new about it
  11. The purification process (whole system detox)
  12. The 3 temples
    1. Mental process (going crazy and surrendering)
    2. Emotional process
    3. Fight or flight turn off
    4. Physical process
  13. The 3 levels of engagement
    1. Continued regular activity
    2. Abstaining from social interaction with continued regular activity
    3. Abstaining from mental stimulation, social interaction and regular activities.
  14. Starting a water fasting practice
  15. How to prepare for fasting
  16. Choosing water
  17. Levels of energy during the process
  18. Guidelines on how to start a personal practice
    1. The one day fast
    2. The three day fast
  19. Advices on how to overcome the first obstacles
    and moving through the beginning phases
  20. Practices for the 3rd level of engagement during a 3 day fast
    1. Fasting in Nature
    2. Learning to just be
1. Introduction

The practice of fasting for an extended period of time is far from being new or a modern trend, it predates any healing modality or spiritual practice related to the purification of the human mental/emotional/physical makeup known today.

It is as effective today as it was thousands of years ago and it’s simplicity makes it an accessible practice to everyone. The results that one can get from it are still the same today than back then, have not changed a bit, which builds a bridge between current times and ancient wisdom.

There’s a lot of people, now more than ever,  spending their precious time trying to decipher what the spiritual legacies wrote about. Quite lost in translation and playing telephone from oral transmissions passed down through generations of slowly decreasing awareness and understanding, it’s meaning has become so turned and twisted that is almost impossible to interpret.

This quest of simple left brain rational logics without  practical experience only sees parts and portions of things but not it’s wholeness, and many times turns into something which makes sense.

Perhaps the answer to this is not in the deciphering and decoding of texts which only uses our current narrowed mental perception of an individualized point of view, but instead in going back to the practice itself and simply doing it.

But in the times of rationalization and logical interpretation very few people attempt to do something like water fasting even though many have heard or read about it in the sacred texts.

Gautama fasted, Jesus fasted and all the most significant spiritual leaders fasted for days and weeks at a time. They did it, promoted it and encouraged it leaving mention of it in their sacred texts and made it part of the spiritual practice of the religious movements they created.

Some organized religious groups conserve a weekly practice like certain Krishna followers that only drink water on Mondays.

Other groups like the Lakota reserve longer periods of fasting for dedicated students that have gone through a training period.

Regardless of how many days they do it or in which calendar date, the interesting part is that all did it, promote it and encourage to do it at some point in their path, which makes water fasting not only a bridge between different modern and ancient as mentioned before but it is a common practice for all religions and spiritual practitioners.

How marvelous is to have something that everyone can share in common? It transcends time, culture and belief!

Water fasting has not only the potential of cleansing the body and clearing the mind in the individual level, but the capability to open the hearts of the ones that experience it to the truth of unity, bringing people together not just with themselves and their True Self but with all the rest of humanity.

This booklet contains only certain generic information about the beginning steps of water fasting which can be useful to anyone regardless of age or belief.

There’s not much to be said about this subject as is extremely simple, as it should be and that’s why it fits in a booklet format.

Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, specially in the beginning stages and there’s a reason why is a practice that has lost popularity over time. To some it sounds difficult, to others an abuse of the body and many get repelled just by hearing about it. It all narrows down to who does it and why. To the trained spiritual practitioner is one of the most exquisite experiences that delivers keys and codes to understand not only what sacred scriptures and their authors meant on those texts but reveals the fundamental underlying universal perception of reality and Self that they had.

The fact that this view slowly dissolves separatism between religious beliefs, spiritual communities and ultimately the one of the “I” current experiencer with our True Self is known by everyone in a very subtle level and is what can trigger the inner energies to reject it or adopt it. It all depends on the amount of “darkness” within the persons mind and how strongly are their influences.

After a period of practice and study becomes clear that out of the realizations received by master teachers during experiences like water fasting was created the material that contains the foundational knowledge of all that has been shared, set forth and presented as the spiritual teachings.

Water fasting is not the only practice that someone should engage on, neither should be taken as an isolated subject of study or is a practice that someone should specialize on. It has to be taken as a part of something bigger and complementary to other practices and studies.

In our current times water fasting has a very important role and it shouldn’t be taken lightly as is part of the movement of the Divine Mother’s energy that is slowly bringing this practice back to old and emergent spiritual circles. This will cause water fasting to regain popularity as the energetic shift continues to build momentum towards the new cycle of consciousness.

There are many people living today on Earth that are either feeling this movement of energy or have come to be alive during this time for it’s specific reason, to serve as supporters, allies and anchors of it.

If you are reading this booklet and there’s an “inexplicable” feeling and pull towards learning more about water fasting, you may be one of this people. As time goes, more and more will come wanting to do it, seeking for it and slowly will become a widely spread, known and common practice in many communities.

2. A water fasting renascence

The interesting part of being in the cusp of cycles is that we can experience both, partially or in their totality.  The end of the one ending overlaps the beginning of the one starting.

There are two distinct characteristics of this overlapping times. One being the testing period that ensures all teachings from the ending cycle have being learned and the second being the preparatory interval for the next cycle.

In the case of water fasting, we’re about to experience a period of renascence because not only it has been part of the teachings of the ending cycle but also is gonna serve as preparation to the next one and starting point for the teachings that come after it.

So we can look at water fasting as an ancient technique that will resurface to take many to the current transition and will serve as starting point to the ones in the new cycle.

As the Divine Mother makes itself more present, visible and palpable, the teachings and practices that come to aid in this transition of cycles will be revealed and water fasting is one of them.

The beings that decide to stay and live through the transition are slowly opening themselves to be receptive of this preparatory energy and practices and the function of this booklet is to serve as good starting point.

For the ones still to come, water fasting and this other practices will be already part of their belief system and they’ll integrate them to their life quickly and easily. To some people from the previous cycle, this new comers will look like made for fasting and as if they have mastered it prior to birth, and some have.

Regardless if we are the ones fasting for the first time or naturally gifted, we’ll all end up in the same place and with the same level of mastery of the practice. One of the teachings for preparation for the next cycle is overcoming spiritual competition and understanding of our equality not only as beings but in capabilities as well, this will become clear for the ones practicing All hearts beating as one and Self Love.

But the teachings of the Divine Mother go beyond equality between people and include equality with Nature as well and here is when water fasting takes a deeper meaning and place as practice.

As we understand How reality works, and slowly see the reflection of our Self in and on Nature, water becomes crucial in understanding our True Nature, awakening process and tells us where we are in our awakening process and what still needs to be learned.

At the beginning stages we become aware of how we treat water in us, in Nature and what we are doing with it, what we use it for, which are it’s inherent qualities and how all that affects our perception and consciousness.

In times where clean water has become rare, what does that tell about us as beings? What’s water telling us? Looking at the way we live and use water, what can we tell about ourselves and our consciousness? This is not a question to spark judgement, is a question to ignite the impulse for attention and observation of something that has an important message.

The quality of our relationship with water and to that that is life giving is what is rebirthing through the renascence of the teachings of the Divine Mother. As we approach intolerable levels we are forced to move towards life giving practices and lifestyle which are staple on the next cycle.

Nothing has happened by accident and the current scenario is the perfect stage for that which is next to unfold.

3. The spark of life from the Divine Mother

For the ones feeling the calling and embarking in the water fast journey, great realizations and the discovery of many wonders awaits.

The inherent impulse to reconnect with our true selves and the Divine that is latent in all of us propels us towards practices like this.

There’s no coincidence that water fasting is remerging, as it takes us closer to see and experience for ourselves subtle aspects of Creation like how Nature transmits life to everything that encompasses for example.

Water is one of this transmitters used by Nature that carries life to everything it touches.

The spark of life is active and alive only in the pristine water found in Nature. The Divine Mother has many ways to connect and deposit life not only her human children but all living creatures; and water is one of them.

When we drink water directly from nature, we are filling our bodies with fluid crystal like containers that carry this spark of life force coming from the Divine Mother.

Through the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, the water delivers the spark of life to our cells and leaves to be recharged in Nature.

As we keep on drinking water, we regain sensitivity and can start feeling once again the spark entering our system and giving life to it.

This direct experience of feeling the spark of life animating our body and mind has an extremely positive impact in our consciousness.

4. The messages form Divine Father

Not only the Divine Mother works through water to deliver something. The water that is pristine in Nature is also in contact with the Divine Father.

Water has many spiritual qualities and functions, and besides carrying the spark of life, it’s capable of holding and deliver codes.

Some of this codes make the water’s structure change in shape while other’s are more subtle and don’t have that effect on it.

The Divine Father infuses the water with codes and messages to be delivered by the water to our mind, it’s one of His ways to communicate with us, deliver wisdom and activate the Spirit of Awakening in our consciousness.

This codes and messages delivered in a proper fashion by water with the aid of the Spirit of Awakening helps us slowly give life to the thoughts and images that flash in our minds.

One of it’s result is to have the experience of having a realization. This are the moments when we catch this mechanism at work. The message is brought to life, blossoms and appears in the mind to be seen and understood.

That’s why it’s important to fast with pristine water and do it in a certain way, so we can infuse ourselves with the spark of life, have the codes and messages delivered so the realizations can appear in our minds and receive all the benefits of this practice.

5. What’s water fasting?

When water enters the system, it starts traveling through channels until it gets delivered to be in contact with it’s destination.

The destination point is the place in the body that is in need of light and life force form the Divine Mother and codes and messages from the Divine Father.

Like magnets, the codes and life inside water are driven to the places that need it, areas where the flow of the Divine is blocked, rejected or the person doesn’t feel worthy of receiving love, life and light.

Most of the times this process is unconscious, but during a period of fasting it is possible to regain sensitivity and become aware and witness of it.

If we’re not fasting for the sake of detaching ourselves temporarily from the daily activities with the objective of consciously receiving the life force so we can recharge ourselves and to quiet the mind to be able to listen to the messages and see the codes, then water fasting looses it’s spiritual qualities and becomes something else.

Water fasting is not simply abstaining from food and only drinking water. There’s a lot to it and that’s why it’s a spiritual practice.