June 21st to the 24th

Silent Meditation and Water Fasting are two of the most powerful practices to quiet the mind and to get in touch with our True Self. This two combined in a pristine nature setting of a Natural Preserve provide the scenario for many realizations and mental, emotional and physical reseting to happen. We start offering a 3 day retreat as it is the minimum length of time and starting point for us to receive the benefits of this practice. We offer this retreats on the monthly basis as is the requirement to advance in this practice.

Retreat Summary

We’ll gather 3 times a day for group meditations and discourses on “How reality works” and “Healing”.
On the last morning we’ll back our fast with juice and fruits.

Schedule and Logistics:
The retreat starts on June 21st at 8am Kauai time and ends on June 24th at 12:00pm.
If carpooling or rides to the airport are needed please let us know in advanced and we’ll try to accommodate everyone.

During this retreat we’ll be camping to provide the closest to nature experience possible. All participants will be required to bring personal tents as shared sleeping tents will not be allowed.

This is a Silent Meditation and Water Fasting retreat which entails no physical contact or conversations of any kind with other participants.
No phones, computers, journals or books will be allowed on this retreat.
We reserve the right to end the fast early to any participant if we feel the need of it.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you!