A practice for reawakening to our True Self

Water Fasting is a work that explores the spiritual benefits of this timeless practice. Fasting is much more than abstention from food, the practice eventually takes the person to the gates of the space where we reconnect with our True Self.”

Dear Friends,

This booklet is a work in process and only a few chapters will be released at a time. Please do not download the content as some material may still be revised.
We’ll give a 24hr free access discount code upon request for the ones that would like to, please write to us for it.
We hope you enjoy the first chapters!


Preview of booklet’s summary:
  1. Introduction
  2. A water fasting renascence
  3. The spark of life from the Divine Mother
  4. The codes and messages from the Divine Father
  5. What’s water fasting?
  6. Common reasons to not fast for
  7. Juice fasting as a preparation to water fasting
  8. Why water fasting
  9. Why water fasting is a spiritual practice
  10. There’s nothing new about it
  11. The purification process (whole system detox)
  12. The 3 temples
    1. Mental process (going crazy and surrendering)
    2. Emotional process
    3. Fight or flight turn off
    4. Physical process
  13. The 3 levels of engagement
    1. Continued regular activity
    2. Abstaining from social interaction with continued regular activity
    3. Abstaining from mental stimulation, social interaction and regular activities.
  14. Starting a water fasting practice
  15. How to prepare for fasting
  16. Choosing water
  17. Levels of energy during the process
  18. Guidelines on how to start a personal practice
    1. The one day fast
    2. The three day fast
  19. Advices on how to overcome the first obstacles and moving through the beginning phases
  20. Practices for the 3rd level of engagement during a 3 day fast
    1. Fasting in Nature
    2. Learning to just be

Chapters 1 to 5

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