Private Sessions

Taking the time to meet with ourselves

During the private private sessions, we take the time to uncover the latent energies that have been calling our attention for a long time and we give them a voice. It’s a time of deep self discovery and reconciliation with the parts of ourselves that we usually don’t like to look at, but they are the ones that are holding the key to our potential, to our happiness and well being.

in Person

When we meet in person for a session, we open a sacred space for healing, for realizations and epiphanies, for messages and messengers to become present; and for our soul to feel safe and cared to open up and unfold it’s true essence.


The online sessions are similar than the ones in person, but they require that the person finds a quiet and tranquil location for the period of the session. Then, we dive together deep into the soul to reveal what is ready to be shown for the necessary healing that being on the physical, emotional, mental or soul level.