12 week Transition to
fruitarianism program

A 3 month program that will jumpstart your mental, emotional and physical health
with the power of fruits, vegetables and self awareness practices


Our Optimal Health Program is the starting point of our journey together in
the road to reconnect with our True Self and Nature.

This program is intended to people that would like to take their spiritual, mental emotional and physical health to higher levels and would like to change their life to an upgraded existence. Our function is to assist the ones that are committed in this lifetime to their healing, awakening process and rediscovering their True Nature.

The benefits of the program and the relation between
purifying ourselves, spiritual awakening and well being

Negative thoughts and emotions that makes people numb and promote the wrong perceptions of reality are connected, related and manifest in our thoughts, emotions and bodies through the accumulation of toxins, byproducts of eating unnatural foods.
As a result, the human body becomes the host for mucus, candida and parasites. Having them in our bodies perpetuates the negative conditions instead of helping us overcome them.

Emancipate your mind

Regaining mental clarity and independence is the primary goal and foundation of any spiritual path on the road to well being. Once toxicity, mucus, candida and parasites have entered the body, they also influence and interfere in our mental process. They have the capacity to camouflage themselves and pretend that they are us. At that point, we cannot distinguish their influence as they become one with our thought. They feed negative thoughts and perpetuate depression, anxiety, unworthiness and more.

Emotional tranquility

Once toxins, mucus, candida and parasites have convinced us that they are not there, they move to the next task which is to convince us that negative thoughts and emotions are just normal part of our humanness. At that moment we believe that being sad, angry, anxious are facts of life and just normal. This belief surrenders the individual to live in an erroneous existence. Negative thoughts and emotions are as foreign to us as parasites. When we purify ourselves, we can resolve our latent traumas and issues, and give birth to a life of peace, tranquility and joy.

Physical well being

Once we regain mental independence and emotional tranquility, the body follows and reflects it though health and well being. Without toxins, mucus, candida and parasites, the obstructions for the body to achieve its True Expression are gone. Without traumas and accumulated negative emotions that cause tension and stress, the body is finally free and the meridians become open avenues for vital energy to flow and our physical being has the conditions to regenerate itself and reach its true potential.


Fruits and Vegetables
The Divine Food for Awakening

For thousands of years, humanity flourished eating the fruits and vegetables that were abundantly available in pristine Nature and continues to be all people need to be healthy in every way.
During our program, we’ll be advocating the slow reintroduction of foods as we used to find them in Nature. This fruits, vegetables and herbs will be the fuel to propel the purification, transformation and regeneration of our being.

This is what we’ll do during our 3 months together

Our program is a system that includes a nutritional plan to eradicate parasites, candida, mucus and rebuild our bodies; and self awareness practices to reconnect with ourselves and the emotional roots of our conditions.
Don’t worry, we’ll do this together and we’re here to guide and support you.

  • Personalized program to address the unique needs and conditions of each individual.
  • We’ll keep a close relationship, following each step of the progress via weekly phone calls and emails.
  • The program is structured for everyone to be able to easily incorporate and make it part of their daily life.
  • After completing this program, the possibility to participate in retreats will open up. The completion of the program is a requirement to attend to the retreats as we want to be sure that each participant is fully prepared and ready beforehand.