Developing our abilities

One of our teachers once told me:

“My job is not to heal you or to turn you into me. I’m here to help you see your own Self, your abilities and to help you develop them so you can fulfill what you wish to do. In order to advance in our spiritual path and develop our abilities, we need to build our spiritual quilt.”

The  following resources are inspired and were created with the wish for everyone to develop their own innate spiritual abilities, reawaken the potential of their True Self and fulfill their aspirations.

With that in mind, all programs and retreats provide information, practices and experiences that are not meant to train us to be the same, but to find our uniqueness and place within the whole of consciousness diversity. Then and only then we can start developing the wish to be in service to ourselves, others and the Divine in a conscious way.


Building our spiritual quilt

There are certain activities, practices and experiences that facilitate the deliverance of realizations. Below there’s a list of the ones that we offer online and in person. All the given resources are intertwined and one helps the other. Browse around and feel which one of the following calls your attention.



Private Sessions

Articles & Booklets