Deepening our experiences

Our retreats are dedicated to the ones that have been doing the programs and would like to deepen their practice.
During this events we come together as a community and gather in pristine locations in Nature that promote and enhance the connectivity with our Self and our process.
Some retreats require more preparation than others, please be sure you follow the pre-requisites before registering.
We’re looking forward to receiving you!

2019 Schedule

The way of the Inca

Many of you know that I’ve been going to Peru for over 10 years to see my Alto Mesayoq teacher, but very few times I have held retreats or teachings about this subject. Many have expressed interest in learning more about this “Shamanic” path, so we’ve decided to open this opportunity. During this retreat we’ll be sharing the teachings and spiritual practices we have learned from Andean Masters that until today carry the wisdom of their people since pre-Inca times.


Main topics:
* Fundamentals of Shamanic Healing
*Andean Cosmology
* How reality is constructed
* Inca meditation practices
* Kintu Mesa preparation

December 21st and 22nd

Ashland – OR

To be

Kauai – HI

2020 Schedule

7 Day Fruit and Juice Fasting Retreat

During this retreat we primarily eat ripe organic and locally grown fruits with the addition of greens juices. It’s a great experience for the ones that would like to move forward towards the life giving nourishment habit which becomes staple for the spiritual advancement.
Eating primarily fruits and juices for a period of time has several benefits for the spiritual practitioner. Besides the detoxing of the body and the replenishment of enzymes and life force, the fruitarian diet delivers in a short time a mental clarity and lightness of heart that sets the stage for receiving deep realizations and epiphanies during meditation periods.
This realizations and epiphanies build the transformational momentum of our awakening and allows us to move forward in a good constant pace.

February 19th to 26th

Kauai – HI

To be  announced

Kauai – HI

3 Day Water Fasting
& Meditation Retreat

Water Fasting and Meditation are two of the most powerful practices to quiet the mind and to get in touch with our True Self. This two combined in a pristine nature setting provide the perfect scenario for many realizations and reseting to happen. We start offering a 3 day retreat as it is the minimum length of time and starting point for us to receive its benefits.

We recommend to read the booklet Water Fasting to get more familiar with the practice before attending a retreat.

Intended only for the ones that have completed the 3 month Optimum Health Program

May 23rd to 25th

Weed – CA

To be announced

Dallas – TX

5 Day Juice Fasting and Meditation Retreat

Juice fasting or juicing for an extended period of time is one of the most powerful practices that we have available today as it has the power to detox, nourish and revitalize the whole system at the same time. It is also a great ally in preparing us for longer periods of water fasting.
The 5 days of juicing in a retreat setting is a period to allows us to open to receive spiritual realizations for clarity, healing and more.

May 26th to 30th

Weed – CA

To be


7 Day Water Fasting Retreat

This retreat is dedicated to the ones that have attended to at least one 3 day water fast retreat and has continued the monthly practice at home or with us for at least 3 months.

Dates to be announced


2021 New Year’s 14 Day Fruitarian Retreat

More details coming soon…

 December 27th to January 9th
Kauai – HI

Retreat Format

Details & Considerations

  • All retreats include accommodations and meals. We adopt a raw vegan locally sourced and organically grown meal plan for all retreats.
  • This is a spiritual retreat setting which entails that is quiet and calm to provide an introspective atmosphere.
  • We reserve the right to deny the attendance to any person that we feel it would not be appropriate for the retreat.
  • Please read the terms and conditions prior to register.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.