Study Courses

Online Study Courses

Our online study courses are the starting point of our journey together. They cover the basic teachings of Self Illumination and are intended to people that would like to take their spiritual studies deeper with us. Our function is to assist the ones that are committed in this life to their healing, awakening process and rediscovering of their True Nature.

The online study courses are structured as interactive online live classes that may include study books, audios and practices for everyone to do in the comfort of their house and with the possibility of adapting it to their own schedule.

After completing certain study courses, the possibility to participate in other programs, retreats or journeys will open up. The study courses are a requirement to attend to this events as we want to be sure that each participant is fully prepared and ready beforehand.

This courses take simple information and assists us to turn it into wisdom by slowly trickling experiences into our consciousness that awaken the awareness of our Self.

Study Course One

In order to consciously participate in our awakening and healing process it’s advised to engage in several complementary practices and deepen our studies in certain areas. Our study courses has a unique approach, instead of focusing in one particular subject of study, we engage in several at the time that complement each other allowing us to progress organically as a whole.

Certain areas of study are considered to be the fundamental and that’s where we’ll begin. They are the fountains from where all comes forth and together they create a full spectrum of understanding. In the first study course which is 8 weeks long, we’ll tap into 4 areas of study: Meditation 1, Fundamentals of Healing 1, How reality works 1, Nutrition 1. The number 1 means that this subject of study is part of a sequence and will continue to be present as part of the following study courses as some areas of study require longer study periods than others.


Main topics of study


Meditation 1

Reeling our mind to “Becoming Present”


  • Introduction to the “Becoming Present “practice
  • Why being present is the beginning and it’s benefits?
  • Is meditation a requirement of all spiritual paths?
  • What is behind the wall of non being present?
  • It’s effects in our health, consciousness and life.

Fundamentals of Healing 1

How healing works?


  • what healing really is,
  • why healing happens only sometimes and
  • what are the formulas for it happen.

How reality works 1

Breaking through the veil


  • Understanding manifestation
  • Mental Projections
  • What is real and what’s not
  • Finding ourselves in the fractal of imagery

Nutrition 1

Healing our relationship with nourishment


  • The importance of nutrition on the awakening process
  • What is nutrition and what is not?
  • “Good food vs bad food” healing our eyes towards foods

Study Course 1 registration

We’ll be offering two different times and days for the upcoming live course.

New Saturdays date

June 16th to August 4th
8am Kauai time


June 4th to July 22nd
4:30pm Kauai time


June 12th to July 31st
6:30pm Kauai time
What happens if I can’t make it at that time on those days?

You are welcome to join the class as long as you’re good with watching the recording after and not being participating live with us. You won’t be able to make live questions but you still can email us with them.

Upcoming Classes & Programs

Self Illumination Training Program 1

Starts July 11 2018!

Our Training Program is dedicated to the ones that would dedicate their life to the spiritual path fully and eventually to step into the life of service. We’ll go much deeper into studies than the study courses and the commitment will be greater as well. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday for an online class and we’ll be working together as a group and individually as well. At the end of the first program by November we’ll all meet in Kauai for a retreat.

Period: 18 weeks

More information coming soon!
If you have any questions please write to us.

Finding our Divine Partner – Part One

Coming Soon!

Finding love in our lives is one of the most desired and vital parts of our lives, but how is that this happens and why? Many find people to have a relationship, but why some fail and others last long? Why some find love and others are lonely?

In “Finding our Divine Partner   – part one” we’ll explore which are the mechanisms behind attracting our mates and how our personal history, belief systems, personal healing and wounds dictates who we  end up with, or  who we not end up with.

Period: 4 weeks

If you have any questions please write to us.

30 Days Self Love and Self Illumination team up for an enhanced Self Love Program

Coming Soon!

30 Days Self Love is a practice inspired in the work of Dr. Emoto that teaches how to infuse our energy field with the frequency of love. The result is a deep awakening of the emotions, behaviors, thoughts and memories that are not in that vibration, giving us the possibility to revisit them and bring them to where they need to be for us to anchor our True Self in our current body and existence.

To learn more visit
If you have any questions please write to us.

Online Study Course Format

Details & Considerations

  • All times mentioned are in Hawaii time, please check your local time and calculate time difference if needed.
  • Please be sure you have enough bandwidth on your internet connection to watch and listen to the videos clearly.
  • All classes will be live and recorded.
  • Classes are interactive and participants can make questions and comments during class.
  • A link to rewatch the class will be provided within 48hrs after the class is concluded. So If you miss a class you won’t miss out and have a chance to watch it on your own time. Please watch it as soon as possible to stay with the class rhythm.
  • Questions that are not taken or answered during class will be taken and answered at the beginning of the following class.
  • Classes and programs may have audio and written material that upon registration will become available under your “Library”
  • You’ll have to create an account and profile to access your “Library”.
  • Online classes and programs are scheduled on weekdays to leave the weekends available for the journeys and retreats.
  • Only people that have concluded the 5 classes of the Study Course One will be admitted to the Study Course Two.
  • Please read the terms and conditions on the footer of the site before registering to a program.