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Church of
 Self Illumination

Bringing Heaven to Earth

a church which sees Nature as  designed to provide with everything humans need for their awakening, healing, well being and a joyful existence

Our Divine Mother and Father created Nature for us and not only reflects the greatness of their consciousness but ours as well.

who we are

We’re a family fealty to the spiritual life, dedicated to the understanding of the awakening process, it’s relationship to our health, well-being, Nature and the reality that we live in.

The family setting has provided us with a blanket of love that holds us together, makes us strong, holds us accountable and promotes the continuation of our advancement in our spiritual path and service.

Why a Church?

We feel that as a Church we can engage in a better way with our community and people in general, helps us keep our message clear and structures our mission efficiently while keeping it pure. 

We’re meant to live in plenitude and divine grace; and the knowledge on how to achieve is humanity’s inheritance.


This Church is operated solely by volunteers and all donations made to it are used to promote it’s message and mission.

The Church of Self Illumination is not here to indoctrinate anyone, but to help the ones that would like to empower themselves, get their own realizations and regain Mental Freedom.


Dear One,

The Church of Self Illumination is of universal character and we see the Divine Mother, the Divine Father and the Spirit of the Awakening imbued in Nature, ourselves and all creation. They are always conspiring in a benevolent way for our benefit. Ever present through time and space, branching to touch all cultures and races as they emerge, in the same way that a river branches from the mountain tops to irrigate different places. The source is one, but its characteristics change to accommodate the needs of the groups of people it benefits, the same way that the river changes as it goes through different landscapes.

From time to time, we are gifted with the presence of beings with almost unbearable love and light, like Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and others. They take human form here on Earth to navigate the currents of the Spirit of Awakening all the way back to its spring. They become examples to be followed and record their journey to share it with the ones that would like to navigate the path as well. 

The Church’s view is that every individual has to have their own realizations, so it’s teachings and messages do not seek to influence thought or opinion, it simply present tools for each individual to free their own minds, spark the awakening of their own inherent intelligence, self awareness and more.

We hope here you find what you’ve been longing for and for it to be useful in many ways, fulfilling its task in your path.

With wide open arms and heart we send many blessings from our family to you…

Mother Church Of Self Illumination


Church of Self Illumination is not here to indoctrinate anyone, but to help the ones that would like to get their own realizations and regain Mental Freedom.

Our sacrament & place of worship

We’re avid adherent of the Essene diet and is one of its core teachings. We consider Nature’s foods and elements as Divine gifts specifically designed to help us purify our bodies, mind and sins. They also helps us reconnect with ourselves, opens our hearts to receive love and reveal their own role in the awakening process.
The fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and everything that the Vegetable Kingdom has to offer are a gifts to humanity and is our sacrament.
Nature’s gardens and forests are our place of worship and learning, is where we find ourselves surrounded by God’s pristine consciousness, creation and feel it’s love and mighty wisdom.

We’re not here to tell the rights and wrongs of people’s beliefs, their religious traditions and institutions, but to shine the light on what perhaps has been overlooked. 

We hold Nature in the heights

As the physical manifestation of the always benevolent Spirit of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father that prevails in everything created, using its mighty intelligence in perpetual effort to promote and sustain life and love.

We see Nature as an ally meticulously designed to help humanity constantly. Nature’s spirits are open and ready to connect with us at any moment we wish to do so and their unconditional love and wisdom is ever flowing towards humanity.  For the ones who care about listening, they are always whispering in our ears, guiding us towards them and the realization of our True Self. 

nature's role

Have you ever pondered on why John the Baptist baptized people in Nature and not in a Church?  Or Why Gautama Buddha got enlightened under a tree and not inside a Temple? Regardless of belief, the highest spiritual achievements happen in Nature and not in human made structures. All records point to Nature being not only the stage for this magnificent episodes but also the source of wisdom.

Have you ever though why Earth is the way it is?

For a long time, humanity has been thinking that the answer is within, when perhaps, the answer has been surrounding us this whole time.

The accumulation of sins leads to the destruction of Nature and our own.

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