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 Self Illumination

Understanding spirituality through Nature

Self Illumination is a faith based organization which believes that Nature is designed to provide what humans need for their awakening, healing, well being and a joyful existence.

who we are

We’re a family fealty to the spiritual walk, dedicated to the understanding of the awakening process, it’s relationship to our health, well-being, Nature and the reality that we live in.

The family setting has provided us with a blanket of love that holds us together, makes us strong, holds us accountable and promotes the continuation of our advancement in our spiritual path and service.


In our view, every individual has to have their own realizations, so we do not seek to influence thought or opinion, we simply present some tools so each member can spark the awakening of their own inherent intelligence, self awareness and more.
We hope here you find what you’ve been looking for and for it to be useful in many ways, fulfilling its task in your path.

With wide open arms and heart we send blessings from our family to you…


During our spiritual awakening, certain things are very valuable and of great support, one of those is a community of like minded people that hold strong spiritual values, ethics and philosophies that we resonate with. We feel a huge relief when we finally find such communities, makes us feel at home, it satiates the need of belonging and we can finally relax and surrender in many levels as we know we’re in good company at last. 

Thousands of people throughout the world have done and continue to do The Self Love Challenge and other practices that we offer; and this site provides the virtual space for all our Self Illumination members to come together.

This social platform helps us to stay close to our members, and our members close to each other, together we can have a sense of community regardless physical distance.

Platform's Features

Members only

We keep our site exclusive to members


Create private and public groups


Access teachings, live video conferences and more

Course Group

Each course has its own private group for participants 


A place to further our discussions about our teachings


Video conference when we all come together as one community

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