Ag courses

The primary source of this course is Agroforestry and systems that work with Nature and it’s dynamics while focusing on how to grow all the food we need as quickly as possible with the least amount of labor and no external input. We’ll be sharing primarily systems that work well in the location where we’re holding the course, so this is for people that live in Southern Florida.
The course will be held in 6 classes and you may choose to come on Saturday or Sunday mornings from 8am to 12:30pm.
This is a hands-on course, that means that we’ll spend about half of the time applying what we’re teaching on a plot of land.
Because of the large amount of information and intensiveness of it I’ll allow people to join future classes at no extra cost. The idea is to set the participants up for success, so whomever needs more time to retain the information and gain experience is welcome to come back whenever needed.
The course are held at Angela Gardens in Naples, Fl and I’ll send the exact address to registered participants.
During class I share about certain hand tools that you may need, how to choose them and where to buy them. You’ll have to buy them and have them ready in hand for the following classes. ($40 min. cost)
We’ll be handling tools at some point and signing a waiver will be required.
Mid March we’ll have plots available for people that currently don’t have a 1/8 acre plot to grow food.
Looking forward to having you join us.

Upcoming Course Dates

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