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Self Illumination

Understanding spirituality through Nature

Spirituality, health, nutrition, Nature and well being

Why some think they are not related?

The Church of Self Illumination is for everyone that would like to embark on a journey of Self discovery, healing, well being, find community and experience a joyful life in harmony with Nature. 
This site is a virtual space where we share the Church’s teachings, way of life, our members interact with like minded people and keeps us together regardless physical distance.

We hold Nature in the heights

As the physical manifestation of the always benevolent Spirit of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father that prevails in everything created, using its mighty intelligence in perpetual effort to promote and sustain life and love.

Their spirits are open and ready to connect with us at any moment we wish to do so.  Their unconditional love and wisdom is ever flowing and is expressed through all living beings, Nature and people. They are always whispering in our ears, guiding us towards them and the realization of our True Self. 

May Earth become heaven once again. 

our initial practices

Everyone that becomes a member of the Church has access to the 3 initial practices. They are the starting point of our studies and are designed to open our minds and hearts while healing ourselves and our relationship with Nature, our Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Self Love



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