Love your Home

and tend to your life

accepting the gift of living submerged in nature.

Agroforestry Homesteads

100% food sustainable

Growing all supply of fruits and vegetables year round.

Prestine Nature

Surrounded by conservation areas.

Live in community

Like minded neighbors.

from virtual to tangible

 Self Illumination

Come live with us

Self Illumination is much more than just a website and courses, it’s a lifestyle.
We’re creating communities for our members so we can live amongst like minded people and Nature.

Imagine living in a place surrounded by thousands of acres of conserved pristine Nature.

And each home has its own orchard that produces all the food your family will need year round.

So you can live in communion with nature, away from the rat race.

Where homes are made from local natural materials free of toxins.

Where children can be free, healthy and safe.

 Self Illumination

Agroforestry homesteads to live life the way humans are intended to

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