Nature gives us all we need, we just need to open to receive it

Agroforestry for Self cultivation

The fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and everything that the Vegetable Kingdom has to offer are a gifts to humanity and is our sacrament.
Nature’s gardens and forests are our place of worship and learning, is where we find ourselves surrounded by God’s pristine consciousness, creation and feel it’s love and mighty wisdom.

beyond food & shelter

Most people have taken a very simplistic and materialistic approach to Nature, they think its there just for survival, to exploit it until its gone and it’s function is nothing besides providing food and materials for sustenance. Forests, fruits and vegetables have a lot more to offer than the basic food and shelter needs.

Have you ever pondered that perhaps Nature has been designed to help humans rise their awareness?

planting consciousness

 Self Illumination
Agroforestry Institute

We promote people’s connection with Nature and one way of doing it is by growing food gardens, forests and agroforests. We encourage and help our members design and plant in their lands any system their location may be suitable for.

in person and online Courses

We encourage all our members to grow their own food and that’s why we have created the “Grow all the food your family needs” course series. 
Our members and member’s families deserve to eat the most nutritious, vibrant and alive foods that Nature provides. In this course we share how to bring Nature’s magic foods to your backyard.

desing and install

Some members need assistance to design and install agroforestry systems in their land and we’re happy to help.


At the moment we’re starting nurseries to supply our members with the needed materials, seeds and saplings for them to start growing their food and forests. 

The primary subject of this course in Agroforestry is to create systems that work with Nature and it’s dynamics, while focusing on how to grow all the food we need, as quickly as possible, with the least amount of labor and no external input.

We offer this course in  two ways:

  • The “in person course” is taught in Southwest Florida at Angela Gardens. Even though the foundation content may be applied anywhere, we primarily use examples of systems that work well in that location.  This is recommended for people that live locally and would like to either implement an agroforestry system in their  land or would like to have a plot at Angela Gardens.
    This course is 7 weeks long.
  • The “online course”  is divided in 3 sections, each consisting in 4 live classes on Saturdays with pre-recorded materials available in the website. These courses are for everyone and during the course we create systems for each participant attending their own needs according to their location. 

This is not a typical agroforestry course in the sense that we have a different approach and understanding of the subject. We follow the saying: “You can give people a fish or you can teach them how to fish.” Instead of simply presenting techniques and examples, we share how to read Nature and how to create your own techniques that adapt to you and your unique conditions. In order to achieve such task we need to attune ourselves with Nature and the land we’ll be working with.

Looking forward to having you join us.

Fall and Winter Schedule

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In person Sun. pm





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let nature teach you

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