Love your Nature

and tend to your Gift

Nature gives us all we need, we just gotta accept it

Agroforestry for Self cultivation


Experience the impact of interacting with plants can have in our consciousness


Protecting and experiencing pristine Nature at it's fullest

beyond food & shelter

Most people have taken a very simplistic approach to Nature, they think its there just for survival, to exploit it and it’s function is nothing else besides providing food and materials for sustenance.

Forests, fruits and vegetables have a lot more to offer than the basic food and shelter.

Have you ever pondered that perhaps Nature has been designed to help humans rise their awareness?

planting consciousness

 Self Illumination
Agroforestry Institute

We promote people’s connection with Nature and one way of doing it is by growing food gardens, forests and agroforests. We encourage and help our members design and plant in their properties any system their land may be suitable for.


At the moment we’re starting nurseries to supply our members with the needed materials, seeds and saplings for them to start growing their food and forests. 


We encourage all our members to grow their own food and that’s why we have created the “Grow all the food your family needs” course. 

Our members and member’s families deserve to eat the most nutritious, vibrant and alive foods that Nature provides. In this course we share how to bring Nature’s magic foods to your backyard.

let nature teach you

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