Love your Body

and tend to your inner Garden

Nourishment is one of the first things we change as we infuse ourselves with love
 and makes us want to live a plentiful and vibrant existence. 

The Spiritual aspect of Food

30 Day Raw Challenge

Experience 30 days of deep emotional, mental and body self awareness through the power of Self Love and Raw Foods.

"The Self Illumination lifestyle"

A 100 day program to lay the foundation of a complete and long lasting transformation of body and soul.

Our sacrament & place of worship

The Church is an avid adherent of the Essene diet and is one of its core teachings. Nature’s foods and elements help us purify our bodies, mind and sins. They also helps us reconnect with ourselves, opens our hearts to receive love and reveal their own role in the awakening process.
The fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and everything that the Vegetable Kingdom has to offer are a gifts to humanity and is our sacrament.
Nature’s gardens and forests are our place of worship and learning, is where we find ourselves surrounded by God’s pristine consciousness, creation and feel it’s love and mighty wisdom.

beyond diet

There’s a lot more to fruits and vegetables than what most people think.
Currently its the most disregarded and ignored aspect of life in all spiritual practices and teachings.


And there’s a BIG reason why…

let nature heal you