Purify & Nourish

Learn about the 2 aspects in our spiritual life that most disregard

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Reconnecting to the Heart





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Reconnecting to the Heart is the foundation course and is a pre-requisite for all other courses.


Change your Frequency

here is where we begin our journey together


Reconnect to your Heart and Self

Learn how "The Love Frequency" can heal and purify you.

Raw foods are more than food

Incorporate the Love and wisdom from Nature, let her heal you and change your life.

Loving Thyself and Reconnecting to the Heart

Isn’t everything in creation an expression of Divine Love? And how about ourselves? Aren’t we part of it?
Imagine a prayer in action, that opens our hearts, shows us why and where we’re blocking love in our life and bodies, finally purifying us to feel worthy once again of receiving love and life not just from our beloved ones, but from Nature and the Divine as well.

Nature gives us all we need, we just need to open to receive it

The Spiritual aspect of Food

We’re avid adherents of the Essene diet and it’s one of our core teachings. We consider Nature’s foods and Elements as Divine gifts specifically designed to help us purify our bodies, hearts, mind and sins. As a result, people become calm, kind and heart centered with a kindled spirit.


Beyond diet

There’s a lot more to fruits and vegetables than what most people think. Currently its the most disregarded and ignored aspect of life in all spiritual practices and teachings.

We consider Nature’s foods to be holy and Divinely created to help us be strong and healthy, physically and mentally.  We encourage our members to eat a healthy diet and receive this amazing divine gift that fruits and vegetables are.

let nature heal you

Technology proving spiritual wisdom?​

It has taken about 2500 years for technology to invent microscopes powerful enough to prove that Gautama Buddha was right when he talked about the human body being made of very tiny vibrating things called “Kalapas”(atoms and its components).

Luckily for us today, we don’t have to wait for 2500 years to understand the physiological impacts of  “The Love Frequency”

But how about the emotional, mental and spiritual impacts?

transformation on the molecular level

The best way to present our work is through the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto.

The application of his discoveries to the human body open a whole new world of understanding on how our thoughts, emotions and feelings affect us in a deeper level, not just mentally, but physiologically as well.

Love, live and wake up

Infusing ourselves with “The Love Frequency” brings ourselves back to our innocence and True State of Being, where every thought, emotion and molecule are infused with pure Divine Love.

Imagine how would it feel like if all your thoughts, emotions and molecules of your body were irradiating the light of Love.

Close your eyes and envision how your life would be like?

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