30 Days Self Love – Guided by Sarah 07/13/22




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We have noticed that often times people remain in shallow waters with the self love practice and there could be many reasons why.
Accessing the deeper layers of ourselves is an art on itself that requires courage, acceptance, honesty and sometimes guidance.
If you feel you would like to experience the 30 Days Self Love Practice in a private group setting with our support and weekly guidance this course may be for you.
This course will be a safe haven for whomever participates, it’s a place without judgement or criticism. Here you’ll be held, loved and supported during your process.

There are 4 main components on this course:

  • The material available in audio and writing that we put together for your progression, giving you all the tools needed week by week. Similar to the 30 Days Self Love Challenge but with a lot more information and tips.
  • The private group you’ll be joining where you’ll meet other members that are participating. You’ll be taking this 30 day journey together and will allow you to stay in touch, interact, follow each others journey and post your Self Love videos. The group setting is a safe haven for us to open up, surrender and be there for each other during our healing and awakening.
  • The discussions area is available in the group as a place to continue deepening the dialogue on the teachings.
  • Finally is Sarah’s live guidance. On the weekly basis, Sarah goes live to take the group deeper into the practice and for a live chat Q&A session.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Understanding what Self Love really is and what comes with it.
  • What happens to us when we do the practice.
  • Unveiling and connecting with our True Self.
  • Discovering what is on the way from loving ourselves.
  • Understanding how certain episodes in our lives have shaped our perception and decision making.
  • Recognizing and becoming aware of patterns, situations and relationships we have created in our life for our own healing.
  • How our awareness, body and molecules start to change with the frequency of love, its interrelation and outcome.
  • And much more…

Once you sign up you’ll be automatically added to the “30 Days Self Love – Guided by Sarah” Group where you’ll find the “Meetings” tab to find the “Meeting link” for the live Q&As.

What you’ll need:

  • Video recording device
    You may use a smartphone, tablet or computer to record yourself during the practice. You must be able to see yourself as you record.
  • 5 min of your day
    That’s all it takes.
  • Private space
    Find a place where you can be alone with yourself, no one watching or listening.
  • Journal
    A blank paper handbook dedicated for this purpose.
  • Willingness
    Check in with yourself if you’re willing to do this practice for 30 days.

We’re looking forward to see you in our group!

Sarah and Emanuel