30 Days Self Love – Raw Challenge




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What is it?

The 30 Days Raw Challenge is a 5 weeks course that combines the next level of “The Self Love Practice” with a specific raw food diet.

Is a journey of Self awareness that brings the attention to:

  • Our daily lifestyle as individuals and on a society level
  • Emotional eating
  • Personal and family patterns
  • The influence food has on our thinking and emotional process
  • The correlation between cravings, toxins and negativity
  • And much more…

The course is organized on a week by week basis, each containing 2 sections, one for The Self Love Practice and the other for the food aspect.

Once a week we have a live Q&A chat where all members bring their questions. This is a great opportunity to bring questions but also learn from other member’s experiences as their questions may relate to you as well.

You’ll be part of a private group which is only for members taking this course and is intended to be a secluded haven space where we can support each other while in this journey.

 Who’s it for?

This course is for any member that:

  • Has an interested in taking their spiritual journey of self awareness and healing one step further
  • Would like to understand more about how to heal deeper core wounds
  • Wants to change their health and lifestyle
  • Deepen it’s connection to oneself and Nature.

What you’ll need

  • Slow masticating cold press juicer (not centrifugal) Example Omega NC800. In our experience we found that vertical juicers are faster but more difficult to clean and not so good with wheatgrass and other fibers vegetables so we prefer the horizontal ones.
  • Enema Bag, silicon grade.
  • An abundance and easy to access fruits and vegetables
  • Time to prepare your meals and eat in peace

How to approach it

Many people develop certain expectations and would like to achieve “results” as soon as they hear raw foods. Please come with no agenda, with an open mind and heart to receive that which this course has to offer.

Approach the food aspect of this course as a cleanse that’s supports the spiritual practice, no need to think of it as a permanent change of dietary habits. For that we encourage people to take “The Self Illumination Lifestyle” course.


We are not your doctors and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. This is a spiritual practice that helps to bring self awareness and has to be taken as for what it is. If you have any concerns about the raw foods aspect please consult your trusted health source before starting.

Our take

In Nature everything has a symbiotic relationship that helps everything partaking in the system to prosper. Life and health happen within the sources of prosperity and we can experience them when we align ourselves with this currents.

After you sign up

Once you sign up you’ll be automatically added to the “30 Days Raw Challenge” Group where you’ll find the “Meetings” tab to find the “Meeting link” for the live Q&As.
Meetings are scheduled for every Monday at 5:30pm Pacific time.


Joy, happiness, healing and well being may result as a side effect of taking this course.

Many Blessings,
Self Illumination