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Love your Self

and tend to your essence

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Self Love

The 30 Days Self Love Challenge

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Guided by Sarah

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A discovery journey to meet our True Self...

The practice of saying “I love you” to oneself is simple and yet profound

The birth of the 30 days self love challenge

Sarah Bisarello was gifted “The 30 Days Self Love Pracrice” during a deep meditation and healing retreat where her guides exposed the importance of people loving themselves, how to infuse their whole being with it, how it promotes healing, accelerates the awakening process and brings us closer to experience our True Self. 
Since then she has been exploring the depths of the practice she was taught and has been sharing it with thousands of people.

transformation on the molecular level

The best way to present “The Self Love Practice” is through the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto.

The application of his discoveries to the human body open a whole new world of understanding on how our thoughts, emotions and feelings affect us in a deeper level, not just mentally, but physiologically as well.

Love, live and wake up

“The Self Love Practice” is about bringing ourselves back to our True State of being, where every thought, emotion and molecule are infused with pure Love.

Imagine how would it feel like if all your thoughts, emotions and molecules of your body were irradiating the light Love.

Close your eyes and envision how your life would be like?

Unfold your True Self

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