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If you’re interested in becoming a member, please read our guidelines and member agreement first, then write us an email about yourself and why you would like to become a member.

 Please be sure to read our Terms of Use and Guidelines before becoming a member.

A brief introduction

to our community guidelines

Approach this as an online “temple”. Please enter this space with love and treat it with utmost gentleness and respect.

Within this space, please treat yourself and all members the way you would treat your beloved awakened spiritual teachers

Please use only loving and kind words to yourself and others when making comments or during conversations

All content uploaded should be related to the Self Illumination spiritual practices and be appropriate for “all audiences”.

The above mentioned is just a short version of our complete  Guidelines. We ask you to please read them fully and carefully to understand what we stand for, what we tolerate and what we do not. This guidelines helps us keep our community safe and pure with only righteous and good intended members.

Becoming a member?

By becoming a member you’ll gain access to teachings, courses and will get to meet/interact with other members at our events and online community. You may make a donation when you become a member if you choose to but is not required.

Memberships are personal, they can’t represent a group or institutions, are not transferrable and should be the individuals own choice and free will.

Please read our Member Agreement before becoming a member.

Advertising, solicitations and selling user’s personal data is the way “free of charge” websites and social communities manage to stay online. Not us! Self Illumination Ministries online community reflects our spiritual values and ethics,  therefore it will always remain a space free of external interest, it’ll never sell member’s information to anyone and it’s committed to keep members privacy and remain free of non-sense.


Please be sure of your choice as donations are not refundable.
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