We’re not a virtual toilet

We understand that many of our new members come with lots of frustrations about how they have been treated before, either in social media or in life in general and would like to freely express their thoughts and feelings without restriction or censorship.

As the side effects of the Self Love practice grow within us, the urge to criticize, badmouth, curse, cuss and say bad words in general start to be replaced with kind ones. The urge or need to “vent out” about ourselves, others or on others subsides, and the inner pressure built in that wishes to be expressed in such manners slowly deflates.

We ask everyone to please do the dirty laundry at home, as this community is not the place to dump all our nonsense, but a space to cultivate our goodness.

We ask all members to be patient with yourselves and others during challenging moments and keep your purges outside the site, take them to a walk in Nature, then come back and sign in when a more leveled temper has taken place.

One day it clicks that all that nonsense just hurts us and we end up regretting every single negative thought we have ever had and every negative word we have ever said.

So if triggered… take a breath… take a walk… and come back when the love has taken over once again.

Many Blessings,

Self Illumination

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