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 Self Illumination

A non-dogmatic and inclusive spiritual community that promotes Self Love, communion with Nature and its way of living.

The new home for the

30 Days Self Love Challenge and more...


Get to know Nature's way of making us thrive


Remember that in our journey we're not alone


Isn't nice to know that someone is there for you?


Self-Love, raw cleanses, fasting, meditations and more...


Giving love to yourself and Nature

Love your Self

and tend to your essence

here is where we begin our journey together

Self Love

Level 1

Learn how the power of saying "I love you" to yourself can change your life.

Level 2

Opening our heart to witness how we're creating our reality.

Spirituality, health, nutrition and well being

Since when and who said that they are not related?

Love your Body

and tend to your inner Garden

Nourishment is one of the first things we want to change as we accept life again
 and we want to live a plentiful and vibrant existence. 

The Spiritual aspect of Food

30 Day Raw Challenge

30 days of deep emotional, mental and physical cleansing uniting the power of Self Love and Raw Foods

30 Day Grape Challenge

30 days of deep cleansing for our lymphatic system with the power of Self Love, grapes and more..

"I love my guts"

12 week class to completely transform, cleanse and purify our emotions, mind and gut.

Spiritual awakening, environment and Nature

Since when and who said that they are not related?

Love your Nature

and tend to your gift

accepting the gift of living submerged in the spirit of awakening.

Agroforestry for Self cultivation

Growing your food

Developing the connection to the life giving nourishments.

30 Days Nature Exploration

30 days of deep Self Love and Nature exploration

"I love my planet"

Transformational program to reunite with Earth

A brief introduction

to our community guidelines

Setting up the initial ground

This is an online “temple”. Please enter this space with love and treat it with utmost gentleness and respect.

Within this space, please treat yourself and all members the way you would treat your beloved awakened spiritual teachers

Please use only loving and kind words to yourself and others when making comments or during conversations

All content uploaded should be related to the Self Love practice and be appropriate for “all audiences”.

The above mentioned is just a short version of our complete Community Guidelines. We ask you to please read them fully and carefully to understand what we stand for, what we tolerate and what we do not. This guidelines helps us keep our community safe and pure with only righteous and good intended members.

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Once you have your profile, you’ll be able to upload your Self Love videos into your timeline to share it with your friends and groups.

If you would like to share sensitive information in your Self Love videos and wish for only some people to see it you may create a private group.

We go live once a week to meet with our community, give support and answer questions.

We have a variety of classes that members can join

Unlike other social communities, we do not allow any kind of advertising and we do not sell your information to generate income to cover expenses to keep the site up.

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Please be sure to read our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines before becoming a member.

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